The Hellenic Capital Market Commission oversees the companies which securities are listed on a regulated market.

Specifically, its task focuses on supervision and control compliance of the companies with the continuous disclosure obligations for investors of the companies themselves and their subsidiaries, their staff and their shareholders, in accordance with current legislation. It also evaluates reports and announcements on companies whose securities are traded on the Athens Exchange.

Regarding legislation compliance on privileged information and market manipulation, it monitors the behavior of companies and general market participants concerning reports, announcements and financial data.

It supervises and controls the companies' compliance with the periodic reporting requirements of investors, including compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. It oversees the companies' compliance with the law on corporate governance.

It also monitors the implementation of legislation, in cases of a public offering or admission to trading on a regulated market, including the audit and/ or the evaluation on the content of information and factsheets, advertisements, notifications, statements or announcements to attract the public to invest to any kind of securities.

It controls the final use of funds raised from the capital market, in conjunction with those mentioned in the relevant prospectus, the decisions of the competent bodies and their communications.

It also monitors the implementation of the regulation on underwriting and oversees the legislative implementation of public proposals.

Finally, in the exercise of its powers, it conducts temporary, special or general controls.