Vassiliki Lazarakou - Chair





Vassiliki Lazarakou, JSD

-Chair of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC)

-Member of the Board of Supervisors and the Management Board of ESMA

-Member of the Board of Directors of IOSCO

-Member of the Bureau of the OECD Corporate Governance Committee;

-Chair of the ESAs Joint Sub-Committee on Securitizations.

Vassiliki Lazarakou is currently the Chair of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC), since 2019. She is Member of the Board of Supervisors and was appointed to ESMA Management Board in December 2020 for a 2-year term. In July 2023 she was reappointed to ESMA Management Board for another 2-year term, until the end of 2025. She is also the Chair of ESAs Joint Sub- Committee on Securitizations.

Vassiliki Lazarakou is a member of the IOSCO Board for a 2year term (October 2022 –October 2024) since HCMC was elected by the European Regional Committee (ERC) as its Representative to the IOSCO Board.

She has also been re-elected as a member of the Bureau of the Corporate Governance Committee of the OECD for the year 2024.

Vassiliki is a lawyer, admitted to both Athens Bar (Supreme Court Lawyer) and New York Bar, USA. She is an expert in capital markets, banking and finance law as well as in M&As and has led a large number of international and domestic business transactions.

She was the first Vice-Chair of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC) from September 2012 until end of December 2015. During her term, she achieved the political agreement for the adoption of the Regulation and Directive on “Markets in Financial Instruments” (MiFID II/ MIFIR) as Chair of the relevant Working Group of the Council in 2014. She continued to work on the regulatory framework of MIFID II / MIFIR, by chairing, until May 2016, the Committee appointed by the Ministry of Finance in Greece for the transposition of MiFID II into Greek law. Also, she chaired the Council Working Group for the draft Regulation on European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIFs) and managed to achieve the general approach by the Council in June 2014.

She has worked for more than 20 years as a Partner at several prominent law firms and for more than 10 years she was heading the relevant Banking, Capital Markets and Finance Department of such Firms. In 2000 and for one year she worked at the legal department of the Athens Stock Exchange.

She has a Doctorate in Law (JSD) from New York University School of Law, New York, U.S.A. and her Doctoral thesis was on “Greek privatizations in International Perspective”. She also has an LLM in International Legal Studies from New York University School of Law and Bachelor in Law from the Athens University, School of Law.

Vassiliki Lazarakou has participated in a large number of Seminars by teaching several capital markets and banking issues (indicatively, corporate governance issues of financial institutions, MIFID II/ MIFIR, AML, etc.).

She is the author of a large number of articles in newspapers relating to capital markets issues (such as, implementation of MiFID II issues, SMEs, ELTIFs, Power Market in Greece, etc.) and co-author of several legal publications (on issues such as takeover bids, obligations of listed entities, etc.).