Board of Directors


The Board of Directors consists of seven members, including the Chairman, two Vice-Chairs and four Members. The Chairman and the two Vice-Chairs  are  appointed by the Minister of Finance, following the consent of the competent Committee of the Greek Parliament. The remaining four Members are appointed by a Decision issued by the  Minister of Finance.

The composition of the Hellenic Capital Market Commissions' (HCMC) Board of Directors is the following:



Mrs Vassiliki Lazarakou

A' Vice-Chair


Mr Michael Fekkas

B' Vice-Chair


Mrs Anastasia (Natassa) Stamou



Mr G. Paschas, Bank of Greece Representative



Mr Panagiotis Giannopoulos, Hellenic Accounting and Auditing Standards Representative



Mr George Leledakis

    Mr Anastasios Virvilios


The Board Members are prestigious persons with significant knowledge and expertise on capital markets. They are personally and operationally  independent  for the performance of their duties and are bound only by law and their consciousness. The Chairman and the two Vice-Chairs have a full-time employment status and work exclusively for the Commission. The Board's term is of a five-year duration.

The HCMC's Board of Directors is entrusted, among others, with the following tasks:  the design of the general policy, the adoption of rules and regulations, the granting and revoking of licenses of supervised persons, the impositions of sanctions and the drafting of the annual budget.

The Board of Directors is convened, at least, twice a month by the Chairman, provided that four, at least, Members are present in the meeting.