Launch of HCMC Innovation Hub


Athens, 13 June 2019


The HCMC follows the exponential evolution of the financial technology innovations falling under its remit and happening across EU and worldwide.

We are happy to announce the launch of our Innovation Hub, addressed to both supervised and non-supervised entities, developers or users of innovative financial products or services aiming to assist them best understand and implement their regulatory requirements, supporting at the same time the ‘traditional’ channels and business models through which financial products are being distributed and services are being provided.

The Hub will provide a dedicated channel of communication so as to facilitate the exchange of information between HCMC and the above mentioned stakeholders that use or develop innovative financial products or services or business models falling under the remit of HCMC, to raise enquiries and seek non-binding guidance on the conformity of these products/ services/ business models with regulatory and supervisory expectations, while also enhancing firms’ understanding of the benefits and risks/ challenges involved.

The HCMC is looking forward to a responsible development and use of innovative financial products and services aiming to the benefit of investors, the protection of whom is one of its own main mandates.


Charalampos Gotsis

Chairman of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission